Complete Cat Care

eBook cover of Complete Cat Care

Published by DK

RRP: CA$7.99

About Complete Cat Care

This is the perfect guide to take care of cats and kittens at home.

Whether you are a new cat parent or already have a feline companion at home, Complete Cat Care is ideal for all your cat needs.

From making your home cat-proof and welcoming for your furry friend to essential equipment you need at home, this book covers it all. From grooming, bathing, and feeding your cat to dealing with behavioral problems, get all the advice from Complete Cat Care. Know how to spot early signs of a disease and find out about common cat disorders.

This comprehensive yet accessible book will explain how to take care of a sick or an elderly cat. Also, learn how to administer basic first aid to treat your cat at home and find out what to do in case of an emergency. The book also provides information about breeding and how to care for a new mother and her kittens.

Complete Cat Care will help you keep your cat healthy at every stage of its life.