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Published by DK

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About Drive

From the first horseless carriage to the AI automobile, this book offers a complete timeline of the history of cars and a colorful insight into their future

Charting over a century of progress--from horseless carriages to driverless vehicles--this is a stunning visual celebration of the motorcar and the romance of the open road.

Beginning with the birth of the internal combustion engine, Drive explores how this once rare and luxurious status symbol has become a staple of everyday life. It shows you the ways in which the automobile has influenced breakthroughs in new technology and design, while becoming the focal point of an exhilarating genera of sport. Taking you on a journey along Route 66, inside the engine of a sports car, and into the lives of the most successful pioneers of automobile history, the book also explores the possibilities of the "green" car, the electric motor, and AI technology of the future.

Combining rarely seen images, insightful biographies. and fascinating features, Drive illustrates how after more than a century of development, the car still conveys a sense of freedom, excitement, and desire.