Feeding Your Baby Day by Day

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Published by DK

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About Feeding Your Baby Day by Day

Feeding Your Baby Day by Day makes weaning simple, giving you baby food recipes for every single meal, right from the day your baby starts solids. Packed with more than 200 recipes, plus finger foods, daily meal ideas, weekly plans, nutritional information, and kitchen know-how, this book guides you step by step from the moment you start combining breastfeeding or formula milk with first tastes, through to feeding a hungry preschooler. DK's Feeding Your Baby Day by Day helps to ensure your baby receives the nutrients he needs and learns to enjoy the tastes and textures of family meals.

Why is it special?
* DK has done the thinking for you, with easy-to-follow, age-appropriate meal plans for every day of weaning.
* More than 200 fuss-free, quick recipes, from first purees to family meals, with simple instructions, and easy to source ingredients.
* Authoritative and accessible--the visual approach shows you instantly what food to prepare, and the expert author gives advice you can trust.

Other key features
* Balanced menu plans ensure parents are providing the nutrients their baby needs as well as helping him experience the tastes and textures that are essential in the early months.
* Perfect for busy parents who don't want to spend hours in the kitchen - just to serve up simple, tasty food that's good for their baby.
* Suitable for baby-led weaning as well as conventional weaning with purees.

Section 1 - Feeding Facts
When to wean
Signs your baby is ready.
Dropping milk feeds
Replacing milk feeds with solids.
Baby-led weaning
Combining purées and finger foods.
A full tummy
Portion sizes.
The three stages of weaning
Stage 1 - baby's first feed.
Stage 2 - finger foods.
Stage 3 - how to make purées.
Kitchen know how
Cupboard essentials.
Microwaving and freezing food.
A balanced diet
Nutritional requirements of babies and toddlers.
Food allergies and intolerances
How to recognize and react to an allergic reaction.
Feeding toddlers
Fussy eating. Coping with food fads. Portion sizes and snacks. Children who won't eat vegetables.

Section 2 - Day-By-Day Planner
Explains how to prepare foods on first introduction; cross refs to recipe section where more complicated.
How to use the planner
Introducing healthy and varied tastes and foods that baby's digestion can handle.
Weeks 1-8 (stage 1)
Weeks 9-21 (stage 2, 7-9 months)
Weeks 22-34 (stage 3, 9-12 months)
Meal planners

Section 3 - Recipes
Each recipe explains how to make it suitable for weaning stages 1, 2, and 3.
First purées, includes foods to watch out for (e.g. tomatoes)
Fruit and vegetables, iIncludes sauces and soups
Chicken recipes
Legume recipes
Lamb recipes
Beef recipes
Fish recipes
Cheese & egg recipes
Healthy dessert recipes
Baking cookies, cakes, muffins, toddler birthday cake
Appendix - First Aid: choking