Baby's First Year

Hardback cover of Baby's First Year

Published by DK

By Annabel Karmel

RRP: CA$19.00

About Baby's First Year

A beautifully illustrated record book to chronicle all the special moments in a baby''s first year. It begins before the birth, where information such as the family tree, ideas for names, and thoughtson the baby''s arrival can be recorded and runs through to the baby''s first birthday. The book includes simple promptsto ensure no special moments are forgotten, as well as plenty of space for parents to write their observations and thoughts. These prompts encourage the reader to record day-to-day routines, such as feeding and sleeping patterns; likes and dislikes, for example, "my favorite bathtime toy" and "what I liked to eat"; and the baby''s "firsts", from her first night at home, to her first smile, and her initial tottering steps. There is also space to record information about the world the baby was born into, such as the name of the prime minister or president, popular music, and prices of stamps and milk.