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"Philippa Pearson's Small Space Garden Ideas is an archive of perfectly formed ideas for indoor and outdoor garden inspiration. Certainly the sky is the limit for Philippa Pearson and with some imagination and compost, there is no reason why one could not recreate their own private hanging gardens of Babylon."

New York Journal of Books

About Small Space Garden Ideas

Grow a beautiful small garden from nothing more than a window box. This book is planted full of small garden ideas that will inspire you to make creative use of every growing space in your home - and find some you never knew existed. Drawing on inexpensive upcycling ideas and homemade style, the step-by-step projects in this book use simple craft skills and easy growing techniques to make the most of your hanging baskets, balcony garden, patio, roof garden or vertical garden.

Why is it special?
* Redefines "small garden" for people who really have no garden at all, just a scrap of space such as a doorstep or part of a wall.
* Takes a craft approach with achievable projects demonstrated step-by-step from start to finish - less "heavy" gardening, more decorating your outdoor space through plant-based projects.
* Projects for edibles as well as ornamental plants appeal to the trend for grow-your-own among urbanites, creatively applied to small spaces e.g. Fruit and Vegetables from Walls.

Other key features
* Explains how to assess your site and cope with growing conditions associated with mainly container gardening in exposed positions.
* DIY basics section covers useful techniques needed for small space gardening, such as installing water systems and outdoor electricity.

Prelims (5pp)
Introduction (2pp)
How to Use This Book (2pp)
Assess the size and location of your space
Windowsills (indoor/outdoor)
Steps & staircases
Porches, verandas, and front gardens
Roof terraces
Basement areas
Inspiration: the pros and cons of small spaces
Know your space
Soil (inc. how much have I got?)
Available electricity
Available water
What do I want/need my space for?
General enjoyment/relaxation
Child's play
Grow your own fruit and vegetables
Cutting garden
Attracting wildlife
Perfumed evening retreat
Storage space (bins, bikes, etc.)
Designing the space
Maximizing the space
Using all the dimensions (walls, floors, hanging)
Looking good all year
Choosing your look (e.g. Mediterranean; Minimal; Desert; Cottage-garden; Exotic/tropical; Prairie)
Water features
Furniture and accessories
Incorporating eco ideas (compost, recycling water)
Basic gardening tool kit
Planting up containers
Installing irrigation systems
Installing electricity
Basic DIY essentials
General upcycling DIY
Composting in small spaces
Glamorize a dull window box
Autumn through winter window box
Spring through summer window box
Summer salads on a windowsill
Planting a north-facing window box
Herbs on the windowsill
Fruit and vegetables from your window box
Upcycled window box containers
Window box for wildlife
Meadow in a window box
Vertical planting for shade
Vertical planting for sun
Upcycling planters to make wall hangings
Upcycling to make a plant theater (old picture frames/ladder)
Fruit and vegetables from your walls
Making a wall fountain and water walls
Making trellis from old bicycle wheels
Making exotic hanging baskets (using Sempervivums)
Upcycling hanging baskets by adding lights, crystals
Making a mosaic pebble wall picture
Making wildlife homes for the wall
Autumn through winter pots for your steps
Spring through summer pots for your steps
Herbs on your staircase
Tactile/perfumed plants for doorstep pots
Decorative mulches from recycled corks, buttons, fir cones
Paint effects for steps
Balcony to attract wildlife
Container-planted balcony potager
Prairie-style balcony planting
Minimalistic balcony planting
Tiered herb planter for a balcony
Making a fold-away privacy screen
Scented seats for a balcony
Making a containerized bubble pool
Decorating pots for your balcony
Make your own plant climbing frames
Making a storage seat for a balcony
Make outdoor beanbags for a balcony
Make your own verandah
Plant a jungle on your verandah
Making a living ivy screen
Make and plant a staged planter
Framing the front door with scented plants
Parking space among your plants
Making a green roof disguise for your bins
Making a herb table
Making a nectar roof garden for bees and butterflies
Making a mini woodland in pots
Making a fruit-grower's paradise on a roof
Making simple decking and an outdoor shower
Making a home office escape
Making overhead screens
Making containers from roof slates
Making a seaside roof garden
Making a seated area with evening-scented plants
Planting for all-year interest
Making Mediterranean planters
Creating a container pond
Making a mini bog garden
Making a raised bed for a veg garden
Turning your patio into a cottage garden
Turning your patio into a playroom
Fun plants for kids
Attracting wildlife
Making a summer party patio (fire pit, lighting, furniture)
Ensuring privacy from your neighbors (planted and other screens)
Constructing a path through your patio
Making and using planters on wheels
Softening concrete with plants
Making a patio shade sail
Revamping your garden furniture
Rainwater harvesting in a small space
Small-space cut flowers
Devising patio storage
Using specimen plants for interest in deep shade
Bringing texture to your basement walls (bamboo screens)
Turning junk into a sculptural focal point
Concrete floor coverups (paint, pebbles, gravel, decking, artificial grass)
Using paint and mirrors to bring in light
Index and Acks (5pp)