Get Started: Pilates

eBook cover of Get Started: Pilates

Published by DK

By Anya Hayes

RRP: CA$3.99

About Get Started: Pilates

You're on your way to becoming a Pilates pro with Get Started Pilates: The Basics, part of a new series from DK. This easy-to-follow, structured learning guide allows you to start simple and learn the basics of Pilates, build on what you've learned, and then take your Pilates skills to another level.

Get Started Pilates: The Basics introduces you to core Pilates principles and exercises. Start by learning about the necessary equipment and key techniques of Pilates, such as neck presses and the Pilates stance. Ease your way into standard Pilates workouts, like leg circles and spine stretches, with visual step-by-step guides for every exercise featured.

Clear, dynamic photography takes you through the fundamentals of mastering Pilates exercises and keeps you on track. Five interactive widgets explain the benefits and science of Pilates, while also giving tips on selected exercises. Helpful troubleshooting advice and expert tips will guide beginners through tough exercises and put you on the path to Pilates expertise. Additional sections on assessing your progress and building a six-week plan allow you to improve and build upon your new skills.

Perfect for beginners, the detailed guides in Get Started Pilates: The Basics will get you exercising in no time!