15-Minute Gentle Yoga

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Published by DK

By Louise Grime

RRP: CA$19.00

About 15-Minute Gentle Yoga

Fit exercise into your busy life with quick, gentle yoga programs.

Do you struggle to find time for regular yoga practice? Stress no more: these four 15-minute programs for beginners offer the flexibility and ease of use that busy lifestyles demand. At home, with just a mat and a few household items, ease tension, increase vitality, and get the flexible body you've always wanted by regularly practicing these 15-minute routines.

Clear, step-by-step photographs paired with easy-to-follow instructions explain exactly what to do in each asana, and at the end of each 15-minute program there's an at-a-glance summary of the routine.

15-Minute Gentle Yoga will inspire you to make yoga part of your weekly routine, so you soon reap the benefits of enhanced health and wellness.