The Complete Cat Breed Book

Hardback cover of The Complete Cat Breed Book

Published by DK

RRP: CA$30.00

About The Complete Cat Breed Book

The complete, all-encompassing guide to choosing and caring for your perfect cat breed!

From ancient breeds to modern hybrids, there is a wide range of domestic cat breeds, and it may be tricky to choose the right one! This practical illustrated guide will help you explore different cat breeds' characteristics, personalities and common behavioral problems for a healthy and happy cat.

Inside the pages of this must-have cat breed guide, you'll discover:

- A range of different cat breeds, including Bengal, Siamese, Maine Coon and more!
- Each breed profile contains key breed-specific data, like weight range, accepted coat colors and grooming requirements.
- Expert advice on communicating with your cat and top tips on tackling cat behavioral problems, like ankle-biting or scratching furniture.
- Concise care program covers all stages of your cat's life - from establishing a routine to dealing with common feline health problems.

The Complete Cat Breed Book will help you choose the perfect domestic cat for you and your family. From the gentle, calm and friendly ragdoll to the curious and intelligent Russian Blue - explore over 140 of the world's best-loved cat breeds.

This cat breeds book includes a profile for each of the different breeds, which outlines the breed's history, characteristics and beautiful photographs. Once you have chosen a feline companion, peruse the chapters on cat care. Explore practical advice and tips on the essential aspects of feline health, from handling and grooming to exercise nutrition and first aid.