Yoga for a New You

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About Yoga for a New You

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Yoga for a New You offers you four different, beautifully colored, themed sections to bring balance and health to your life. Each section-Relaxed, Energetic, Young, and Confident-contains approximately 25 detailed yoga postures and seven yoga sequence programs to suit your mood and to help you feel better. Each posture is described in clear detail and shown with step-by-step annotated photographs.

Its combination of physical postures, breathing practices, relaxation, meditation, and lifestyle guidance will help readers to stay physically fi t, mentally alert, and to live more positively and mindfully. Yoga for a New You is written in conjunction with the Yoga Biomedical Trust, a charitable organization established in 1983 to promote and advance the study and practice of, and research into, the therapeutic effects of yoga as a means of improving mental, physical, and spiritual health.