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Published by DK Children

RRP: CA$21.99

About Where on Earth?

You will be hard-pressed to find a more impressive children's atlas than this one! Tour the world on a 3D action-packed journey of fun fact discovery.

Our Earth is brought to life through stunning, specially commissioned 3D maps and artworks. Uncover incredible geographical features, wildlife, cities and monuments, and the world's population in extraordinary detail.

If you're looking for adventure, look no further. Scale the majestic peaks of the Himalayas, trek through the thick, creature filled jungles of South America, or roam the expansive grasslands of Africa in these pages!

This amazing educational book is so much more than just a knowledge book filled with cool maps and facts about the world. This vital source of learning is perfect for children to dip into for school projects and is a fantastic addition to any family library.

Explore, Learn And Get To Know The World Around You In Spectacular Detail!

See the world like never before. More than 60 stunning, specially commissioned maps take you on a fact-filled continent-by-continent tour of the world you will never forget!

Without even leaving your home, this awesome kid's educational book allows you to:
-Go back in time to see how the continents have evolved
-See incredible geographical features
-Learn about fascinating animals the world over
-Travel the world's cities and monuments
-Dive into intriguing facts about the world's population

A kid's atlas that makes the perfect gift and home reference for any child ages 8 to 11 with an interest in the world around them and a taste for adventure!

Part of the bestselling Where on Earth? series including titles such as What's Where on Earth? - Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Life, When on Earth? - History As You've Never Seen It Before! and more.