Ebay Rescue Profit Maker

eBook cover of Ebay Rescue Profit Maker

Published by Alpha

By Kevin W. Boyd

RRP: CA$10.99

About Ebay Rescue Profit Maker

Pump up your profits on eBay®!

When many eBay® sellers run out of items to sell, they often head straight to the outlet malls looking for super sales, or go to trade shows, or shop online liquidation sites looking for larger quantities of items, sometimes purchasing pallets of product. Only then do they discover their problem: the items they just purchased are selling on eBay® for less than what they paid! Now they no longer have to repeat this pattern with costly hit-or-miss results. In this guide, an eBay® PowerSeller shares the proprietary product selection and evaluation methodology he has developed based on seven years of professional eBay® selling, instructing, and consulting. In eBay® Rescue Profit Maker, readers learn how to:

- Determine what to sell

- Determine the reputable product suppliers

- Create enticing listings and use advanced listing techniques

- 'Spy' on their competition

- Provide superior customer service

- Expand and improve their customer base