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Published by DK

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About The Psychology Book

How do our minds influence the way we behave? How do our bodies and minds work together? Do we have free will?

Exploring and explaining the big ideas and groundbreaking theories in psychology clearly and simply, The Psychology Book answers these questions and more and is the perfect introduction to the subject. Untangling knotty theories and shedding light on abstract concepts, entries unpack each complex idea with easy-to-follow explanations and eye-catching images. 

In this book, you can find:

  • The history of psychology, from its roots in philosophy to modern studies of autism and psychiatry across all of the key fields of study, from psychotherapy to cognitive psychology and behaviorism. 
  • Groundbreaking ideas of great thinkers, from Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung to Noam Chomsky and Daniel Kahneman
  • Information about the key personalities of the 19th and 20th centuries whose work has significantly contributed to our understanding of human behavior. 

With millions of copies sold worldwide, The Psychology Book is part of DK's award-winning Big Ideas series. The series uses images, tables, fact files, and engaging writing, making big topics easy to understand. Other titles include The Biology Book, The Medicine Book, and The Science Book.