Violent Earth

eBook cover of Violent Earth

Published by DK

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About Violent Earth

Using powerful photography, specially commissioned artworks, and intuitive infographics, Violent Earth explores phenomenon of natural disasters in unprecedented detail.

Individual sites from Stromboli to Mount St Helens and the mid-Atlantic Ridge to the Hawaiian hotspots are profiled, with clear, illustrated explanations of how they came into being. This eBook also looks at some of the most famous events associated with these places - from the historic eruptions of Laki, Iceland, which is credited with triggering the French Revolution, to the devastating earthquake in Haiti that killed over 250,000 people in 2010. Violent Earth also explores our restless oceans, and details the submarine rifts, vents, and volcanoes

A spectacular reference book for all the family, Violent Earth is an authoritative, stimulating and visually arresting exploration of the dramatic forces that are constantly shaping our planet - often without warning and with devastating results.