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Published by DK Children

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About Cool Tech

Connected is a thrilling journey through the physical side of the virtual world. Everyone is familiar with the internet and will check their email without a second thought, but who knows how the messages get from one place to another and what processes the data goes through during the trip? Imagine yourself as a digital bit-the basic unit of information-and join the other billions of bits as they race through cyberspace. Trace their routes under seas, across continents, and through space, zooming through beaches, buildings, roads, and pipelines as information crosses the globe.

Marvel at the technology that keeps you connected, from the ships installing lines deep in the ocean, to the robots locating wire breaks, the satellites beaming signals across the earth, the teams retrieving and splicing lines together, and the servers directing and feeding internet traffic around the world.

The book also takes a look back at the history of the internet, exploring the people and inventions that led to its creation. In this section, you'll tour a virtual museum to see how the technology has progressed over the years, changing the lives of ordinary people everywhere.