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Published by DK Children

Illustrated by David Macaulay

RRP: CA$25.99

About Mammoth Science

David Macaulay's troupe of curious mammoths lead you through the basics of physics, biology, and chemistry in this unconventional and highly original guide to science.

These intrepid science demonstrators will go to incredible lengths to educate and entertain. Why do objects float? What's inside a living cell? How do magnets work? What gives a mammoth mass? More than 60 core science topics are covered, backed up with clear explanatory text and supporting diagrams.

Renowned for his ability to explain complex ideas with simple genius, best-selling author and illustrator Macaulay injects oddball humor into his subject matter. Children will delight in his quirky illustrations while gaining a thorough grounding in key science subjects.

Easily accessible, amusing, and informative, Macaulay's Mammoth Science is the perfect introduction to scientific principles for the young and the young at heart.