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Book description

Seafood is the most comprehensive, fully illustrated cookbook on seafood and freshwater fish available. It features all widely available fish and shellfish, explaining how to prepare them, how to use them in recipes inspired by the world's great cooking traditions, and the best way to cook them to bring out their flavor.

Seafood also includes 300 recipes: one hundred of these are world classics, such as Coquilles St. Jacques, Thai Fish Cakes, or New England Clam Chowder, that are kept true to their roots with authentic ingredients, preparation, and cooking methods. A further 200 recipes are written with today's time-pressed cook in mind, using readily available ingredients and quick, simple methods.

No other book photographs as many species of fish, has as many illustrated techniques, or explains as clearly the complex issues of ethical commercial fishing and buying responsibly. This encyclopedic guide to cooking the edible fishes of the world will have a place on the bookshelf of any chef.