The Illustrated Step-by-Step Cook

The Illustrated Step-by-Step Cook

Published by DK

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Book description

For any cook, illustrated step-by-step instructions that explain an unfamiliar technique or guide them through the crucial part of a recipe can be invaluable. They are particularly useful for relative beginners, providing reassurance and demystifying methods that are new to them.

The Illustrated Step-by-Step Cook recognizes the importance of these step-by-steps, including a photographic sequence for each of its 300 dishes, positioned alongside the recipe so the reader doesn't have to go searching for it in a separate techniques section. The Illustrated Step-by-Step Cook also features a photograph of each and every finished dish. The structure of the book is straightforward, beginning with snacks and starters, progressing to mains (subdivided into fish, meat, and meat-free dishes), and concluding with desserts and baking. With reliable recipes from internationally renowned cookery teacher and food writer Anne Willan, this book allows anybody to cook classic recipes perfectly and with confidence.