eBook cover of Tomato

Published by DK

By Gail Harland, Sofia Larrinua Craxton

RRP: CA$11.99

About Tomato

Everything you ever wanted to know about tomatoes
Whether you have a penchant for Principe Borghese or yearn for a Yellow Butterfly, this is the true tomato lover's faithful companion.
Delve into this little book, and you will find all the information you need on growing tomatoes. Discover the most reliable varieties, the highest yielding bushes, and those with the most intriguing shapes and colours. Find detailed advice on every aspect of growing tomatoes outdoors, under glass, and in the ground, in growbags, pots and even hanging baskets.
Symptom charts will help you identify pests and diseases before they have a chance to destroy your tomato crop. And when you are ready to harvest, there are 35 recipes that let your lovingly nurtured tomatoes take centre stage, plus ideas for preserving them in ketchups, chutneys and relishes and notes on freezing and drying.