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Published by DK Children

By Wynne Kinder

RRP: CA$21.99

About I Am, I Can

I am strong. I am brave. I can handle anything.

This book empowers your child by providing an affirmation for every single day of the year. With a different theme for each month - such as positivity, calm, and adventure - children can build their self-esteem and resilience by focusing on what matters to them, through the power of positive thinking.

Perfect for children aged 7 to 9, this book not only educates but inspires. Affirmations tied to certain key events from history provide motivation and encouragement. On 17th April, learn about the Apollo 13 mission and discover how to stay calm under pressure. On 1st December, Rosa Parks' refusal to give up her seat on the bus links to the affirmation "I stand up for myself and others." Mindful activities encourage children to try practical techniques to explore the affirmations further - creating a "happiness jar" helps kids come up with their own affirmations, building a "coping wheel" empowers kids to manage stress, and making friendship bracelets helps enact the affirmation "I am a caring friend."

Affirmations have been proven to help overcome negative thoughts by reminding us of what matters. I Am, I Can use beautiful illustrations to bring the daily doses of wisdom to life and encourage visualization - a powerful tool in promoting self-belief and keeping anxiety at bay.