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Published by DK Children

RRP: CA$25.99

"With this fabulous book to hand, there's no need for any child to be bored, whatever their interests or age. Fun facts and rainy day activities abound - and not a screen in sight!"

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About Unlock Your Imagination

250 ideas to keep kids entertained screen-free, and includes everything needed to play checkers, chess, and snakes-and-ladders.

This kids' book is packed with fun facts and rainy day activities: the perfect boredom buster for screen-free, on-the-go entertainment. Your child will be able to:

- Get creative and use their imagination - make disgusting and colorful slime, create their own TV show, and run a lemonade stand.

- Keep their hands busy with fun crafts and projects, from folding origami animals to building their own crazy golf course.

- Learn games to play alone or in a group, including capture the flag, 20 questions, and hopscotch.

- Train their brain with memory games and fun facts

Unlock your Imagination is packed with fun ideas. Take it wherever you go to keep bored kids busy and entertained. Whether it's a rainy day or a sunny afternoon you'll find plenty to make, play, and do.

Comes with a free double-sided board, counters and a press-out dice that can be used to play chess, checkers, and snakes and ladders.