10 Great Gift Books for Father's Day

With Father’s Day just around the corner, we've assembled some of our top gift book ideas to help you make Dad’s day great. Whether Dad is a history buff or likes to spend quality time in the kitchen or yard, we’ve got plenty of books to help inspire him — no matter what his passion!


The Sicily Cookbook

Embark on an enchanting culinary journey with Sicilian cook, writer, and photographer Cettina Vicenzino as she shares more than 70 authentic recipes from her unique Mediterranean island. Featuring three types of Sicilian cooking — cucina povera (peasant food), cibo di strada (street food), and cucina dei Monsù (sophisticated food) — alongside profiles on local chefs and food producers, The Sicily Cookbook invites you to discover the island's culinary culture by bringing a burst of Mediterranean sunshine to your table.


Pocket Birds of Canada — 2nd Edition

Our fully updated second edition of this bestseller is compact and easy-to-use, and includes 435 species of birds found in Canada. With hundreds of full- and half-page profiles, featuring clear, annotated photographs, range maps, and descriptive text explaining key information, this is the perfect field companion for bird enthusiasts of all ages and levels of experience.

Whiskey: A Tasting Course

This truly hands-on handbook takes you on a tasting journey to discover your own personal whiskey style. Through a series of guided at-home tastings, you'll get familiar with the full spectrum of whiskey aromas and flavours on offer—from the smoky tang of Islay peat to the aromatic scent of Japanese oak. This is the ideal book to help expand your horizons so you can find a world of new whiskies to enjoy.


From the earliest-known wars in Sumer and Ancient Egypt to the occupation of Iraq, Warfare is the most wide-ranging and visually arresting history of wars and warfare ever published. This extensively illustrated book combines a coherent and compelling spread-by-spread historical narrative with a wealth of supporting features to recount the epic 5,000-year story of warfare and combat through the ages.


World War II – Map by Map

Trace the epic history of World War II across the globe with more than 100 detailed maps. In this stunning visual history book, custom maps tell the story of the Second World War from the rise of the Axis powers to the dropping of the atom bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Each map is rich with detail and graphics, helping you to chart the progress of key events on land, sea, and air, such as the Dunkirk evacuation, the attack on Pearl Harbor, the D-Day landings, and the siege of Stalingrad.


Digital Photographer's Handbook

Discover how to get the very best from your photography with clear step-by-step guidance from expert photographer Tom Ang. This comprehensive photography companion teaches you how to capture, enhance, and transform your photographs, including how to handle your camera correctly and understand its features, and how to apply creative techniques that will take your images to a new level.


How to Create Your Garden

Regardless of your experience or budget, this fully illustrated resource makes it easy to design your dream garden — whether it's a small urban garden, a classic cottage garden, a suburban front garden, a low-maintenance space, or a city roof terrace. This practical, no-nonsense guide strips away complex garden design concepts and focuses on your needs and preferred garden style to help you plan and build a garden that works for you.

Grow Food for Free

Imagine eating seasonal produce you’ve grown and harvested with your own hands as part of every meal. This practical guide has all the inspiration and practical advice you need to start, grow, tend, propagate, and harvest your own fruit and vegetables organically and at zero-cost. Real sustainability is closer than you think!

Self-Sufficiency for the 21st Century

Looking for ways to reduce your environmental impact and live more sustainably? Whether you want to completely revamp your lifestyle or just make some simple changes that will make an impact, Self-Sufficiency for the 21st Century is the perfect place to start. Dick and James Strawbridge know what it's like to make these changes. Between them, they've lived on a small farm, in a terraced house, and even a chateau — and in this fully illustrated resource, they share everything they've learned to give you the tools you need to live a more rewarding and environmentally conscious life.


Man-Made Wonders of the World

Discover incredible man-made wonders, from Stonehenge to Burj Khalifa, with this unparalleled catalogue of the most amazing, famous, and intriguing buildings and monuments ever created by humans. Featuring a range of structures from around the world, including the Golden Gate Bridge, the Great Pyramid of Giza, and the Palace of Versailles, this visual history explains how some of the greatest structures ever created were built, as well as their history, and the unique stories behind their construction.