10 Eye-Opening and Inspirational Books to Celebrate Earth Day

Eco crafts, meat-free recipes, breath-taking photos and more

Packed with fascinating facts, planet-friendly projects and practical tips for helping the Earth, these ten books are the perfect thing for Earth-dwellers of all ages. Have a browse and pick your favourite below! 

Earth Day books for kids

What A Waste

From renewable energy to recycling, this playful but powerful book walks kids through the many ways that they can help the planet.


The Sea Book

This adorable picture book from Charlotte Milner is already making waves! Full of colourful illustrations and fun science facts, it’s sure to delight curious kids.


The Bee Book

Companion to The Sea Book, this buzz-worthy book is packed with beautiful pictures, teaching children how they can help our hardworking friends, the bees.

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Books on climate change and the environment

How We're F***ing Up Our Planet

An easy-to-understand overview of the impact of climate change, this absorbing book is full of eye-opening charts and infographics.

The Ecology Book

One of the newest additions to our best-selling Big Ideas series, this guide breaks down key environmental issues and ideas in an engaging, visual way.

Meat-free cookbooks and no-waste guides

My Zero Waste Kitchen

Bring sustainability to your kitchen, all while enjoying flavourful meals. Packed with no-waste recipes and practical hacks, this book offers simple ways to help the planet.

Vegan in the House

One of the most effective ways of reducing your carbon footprint is switching to a vegetarian or vegan diet. Go meat-free deliciously with this vegan recipe book.

Get inspired right now with our excerpt of 10 Quick and Easy Vegan Recipes from this book.

Beautiful books about planet Earth


Paying tribute to our planet’s plants and flowers, this book is nearly as beautiful as the natural world itself! From tiny seeds to stately palms, this photographic celebration deserves a place on every nature lover’s bookshelf. 

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Dive deep into strange and stunning ecosystems, and discover the breath-taking power and biodiversity of the world’s oceans.

Eco crafts and DIY


Reduce waste and make something beautiful with this DIY guide to upcycling craft projects. Full of clever ideas and inspiration, it will turn old materials into charming treasures.