Why I Love Star Wars Reads Day by Jason Fry

Why I Love Star Wars Reads Day by Jason Fry

Jason Fry, author of DK’s Star Wars in 100 Scenes, LEGO Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary, and over 30 other books on the Star Wars universe.

I'd just turned eight years old when a movie called Star Wars™ appeared in theaters in May 1977. As you might imagine, I became a fan the moment I saw Princess Leia's starship streak across the screen, followed by the seemingly endless length of Darth Vader's pursuing Star Destroyer. A quarter­century later, I became a published Star Wars™ author, starting off writing material for role­playing games before working with publishers such as DK, Del Rey, Scholastic and Disney Press.

I've now written more than 30 books and stories set in a galaxy far, far away...but I'm still every bit as much of a fan as I was that night at a Loews theater on Long Island. One reason I'm still a fan is the stories that make up the Star Wars™ saga are such enormous fun, whether they're being told through a new movie, TV show, comic or novel. Another reason is that the people who bring those tales to life are themselves Star Wars™ fans—whether you're talking to an editor at a publishing house or a continuity expert at Lucasfilm, those of us who get to tell Star Wars™ stories make sure to pinch ourselves every so often, as a reminder of how lucky we are.

But the biggest reason? It's other Star Wars™ fans, and their infectious, all­consuming love of the saga. Writing is by its nature a solitary business—it's just me at my desk, turning a blank screen into a story that I hope someone will enjoy. It gets lonely, but the payoff is the chance to meet old friends and new ones and talk Star Wars™. And there's nothing more fun to talking to a kid whose imagination has been captured by the adventures of Luke and Leia, or Anakin and Obi- Wan, or Hera and Sabine.

2015 will be my fourth Star Wars™ Reads Day, and I've enjoyed every one—from admiring kids' costumes at an event space in Greenpoint, N.Y., to reading to a crowd at a bookstore in Sydney, Australia. I love hearing from other authors, watching kids' jaws drop in awe as the 501st Legion and Rebel Legion arrive in costume, and meeting parents who grew up as Star Wars™ fans themselves and are now seeing their own children fall in love with the saga.

But the best part of Star Wars™ Reads Day? It's hearing from a parent that a book of mine is a child's favorite ­­ the one they insist on hearing every night before bed, or that has to be present for a car trip. Nothing makes me happier than parents telling me their son or daughter didn't particularly like to read until a Star Wars™ title unlocked something in them—and made them into readers of all sorts of books and stories.

Because ultimately that's what Star Wars™ Reads Day is about. It's a celebration of books and how they can expand kids' horizons, introducing them to a lifetime of loving books and learning from them. That's why I and so many authors do what we do—and Star Wars™ Reads Day is an annual reminder of why it's so important and so much fun.

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