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Tricia Barr: Open Book

Tricia Barr: Open Book

We caught up with Tricia Barr to chat Jedi missions, awesome fandoms and feats of Star Wars™ engineering. Tricia is a prominent blogger and podcaster who’s been sharing her passion for Star Wars since cosplaying Princess Leia in 1977. She regularly contributes feature articles to Star Wars Insider and is co-author of Star Wars: The Visual Encyclopedia.

Tricia Barr | Star Wars Author & Blogger

Your work in five words:

Knowledgeable, fan-tastic, fun, engaging, holistic

Three objects you couldn’t do without:

Smartphone, laptop, headphones

The greatest Star Wars character of all time:

Jaina Solo

What’s your earliest Star Wars memory?

I was one of the lucky ones. I stood in line in the summer of 1977 to see Star Wars in the theater. My grandparents took us, and after standing outside for hours they both fell asleep before the Tantive IV raced across the screen.

Outside of Star Wars you’re a professional engineer. Do you have a favorite feat of engineering within the Star Wars universe?

Without a doubt, it is the Death Star. I have worked on some massive scale projects and even some that went into space. The scope of the Death Star eclipses all of those. 

What would be your dream collaboration?

If I could work with anyone, I’d love to be part of the story team for an animated show like The Clone Wars or Star Wars Rebels. I am an accomplished fiction writer, too, so getting a shot at a YA novel set in those story eras would be my second pick. Then I could collaborate with Dave Filoni and Jen Heddle from Lucasfilm, two people I admire. 

If you could spend one day in the Star Wars universe, what would you do?

I’d fly the Millennium Falcon with Rey. Hopefully we would run into Poe and BB-8 toward the end of our mission, and skirt past a First Order blockade to deliver information vital to the Resistance.

What’s the best thing about the Star Wars fandom community?

Star Wars fans come in all types, and the stories set in the galaxy far, far away give us a common connection, something we all love. Myself and my Fangirls Going Rogue podcast co-hosts Sarah Woloski and Teresa Delgado all enjoy different things about Star Wars. It’s fun sharing those things together. Sarah can tell me all about the music and Teresa knows everything about collectibles. When they want to learn about storytelling, they know that’s my thing. Everybody brings something unique to fandom and makes it better.

What’s your proudest achievement?

Probably finishing my first novel Wynde. Finishing any book is an accomplishment because it requires perseverance and discipline. Then again, it’s hard to pick a favourite book. They are all special to an author for different reasons.

Do you have any advice for girls and women interested in entering the STEM professions?

The hardest thing is not knowing what all those math and science classes are going to end up teaching you, and how you’ll apply that knowledge. Camps and school programs are available that help girls and women learn about professions, from coding to being an astronaut. Getting to do something practical really helps the classroom work make sense.

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