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11 The Force Awakens™ Objects You May Have Missed

11 The Force Awakens™ Objects You May Have Missed

One of the most incredible things about Star Wars™ – and there are a lot of things – is the franchise’s unfailing attention to detail. From droids to datapads, battles to blasters, even the most minor of characters, places and tools are given developed backstories. It’s through these crafted, sometimes hidden, details that a complex world comes alive.

Thanks to the fine Star Wars film teams, these details extend to the costumes and items we see on screen. Because of the fast-paced action, however, we rarely get to appreciate these objects for what they are. Here’s a rundown of some great Star Wars: The Force Awakens™ objects that you may have missed.

1) Stormtrooper quadnoculars

To keep their weight down, most stormtrooper helmets lack advanced imaging gear, requiring stormtroopers to use separate quadnoculars in the field. The quartet of precision lenses offer enhanced multispectral imaging.

Stormtooper quadnoculars photo on white background

2) Mouse droid

A tireless mainstay from the days of the Old Republic, the skittish Rebaxan Columni MSE-series serves as a messenger, repair and custodial droid aboard First Order starships and installations.

Black mouse droid photo on white background

3) Han’s lucky dice

Solo has kept the golden pair of dice that he used in the “Corellian Spike” game of sabacc, in which he won the Millennium Falcon from Lando Calrissian.

Han Solo's gold lucky dice photo on white background

4) Veg-meat and polystarch rations

Unkar Plutt, junk boss of Jakku, runs a successful business stealing, scavenging and selling scrap. He doles out slim rations of food in exchange for valuable salvage, and calls upon goons and henchmen to ensure he gets the best deal. Rey is one of the scavengers who must barter with him to receive her next meal.

Green veg-meat ration on white backgroundGreen polystarch ration on white background

5) Doctor Kalonia’s medical kit

Resistance doctor Kalonia’s field kit is well equipped to handle blaster burns, with antiseptic field generators, bacta bulbs and synthflesh dispensers within easy reach. 

When Chewbacca is injured by a blaster, Kalonia is there to sooth him. Her fluency in Shyriiwook makes it easy for her to calm him down.

Doctor Kalonia's medical kit photo on white background

6) Jess Pava’s flight helmet

The youngest and brightest of the Resistance military fill out the ranks of its starfighter forces. Recruited from the local planetary defence forces, and prepared to fight for the ideals of the former Rebellion, these pilots prove to be a loyal, spirited lot, eager to bring the battle to the First Order.

This insulated flight helmet belongs to pilot Jess Pava, and features a Tierfon Yellow Aces symbol.

Jess Pava's flight helmet with red and yellow designs

7) Seven-string hallikset

Maz’s castle has stood at the shore of a freshwater lake for millennia, and she extends a warm hospitality to those willing to abide by its unwritten rules.

A lover of the arts, Maz offers board to travelling musicians in exchange for their performances. The seven-string hallikset is one instrument that these brave and sometimes desperate musicians may use.

Maroon hallikset instrument photo on white background

8) Gornt meat

A centuries-old fixture within Maz’s castle is Tuggs, the dining hall cook. His surly attitude is the subject of good-natured ribbing by those who eat his cooking in the dining hall. Gornt meat is one of the items on offer to hungry guests. The gornt – for those not aware of the beast - is a domesticated, omnivorous creature native to the world of Hethar.

Slice gornt meat photo on white background

9) TIE fighter ejector seat

When FN-2187 (later known as Finn) steals a fighter craft to escape the First Order with Poe Dameron, he doesn’t yet know that he’ll need to deploy the ejector seat. Luckily, he’s able to escape from the doomed vessel and parachute to relative safety.

The ejector seat includes an explosive launcher mechanism, and emergency rations beneath the seat.

TIE fighter ejector seat photo on white background

10) Snowtrooper body armour

Snowtrooper armour consists of fewer plates than the standard stormtrooper  kit, to permit increased movement in difficult snow or icy terrain. However, the whole suit is sealed in an insulated “envelope”, consisting of wind- and water-resistant fabric worn over a dense, heat-retaining body glove.

The snowtrooper chest plate is made of betaplast composite, with an icephobic coating that prevents the buildup of frost, even in humid conditions.

Snowtrooper body armour photo on white background

11) Lor’s data storage unit

Ready to retire after decades of exploration and adventure, the spiritual San Tekka settles with a colony of villagers in the remote Kelvin Ravine on the frontier world of Jakku.

Lor travels lightly and shows wisdom in the few artefacts he continues to carry from place to place. One of these objects, hidden in a plain leather sack, is Lor’s most valued possession: an antiquated data storage unit.

Lor's data storage photo unit on white background

Liked these objects? Check out Star Wars™ The Force Awakens: The Visual Dictionary for the full story on all the biggest heroes, latest lightsabers and smallest droids.


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