Medicine By the Numbers

Medicine By the Numbers

The gory pitfalls and miraculous breakthroughs of medicine are some of the most interesting stories in human history. Here are some astounding numeric facts that might shock you.

40-50 years: The average lifespan of a humans in Ancient Greece.

62,000 miles: The total length of the network of blood vessels in the human body.

32 million per year: The World Health Organization’s (WHO) global target of the number of cataract surgeries to be achieved by 2020.

3-5 million: The number of recorded cholera cases every year, killing more than 100,000 according to WHO.

37 trillion: A 2013 estimate of the number of cells in the human body.

27,000: The number of people who contracted polio during the 1916 outbreak in the US.

73: The number of polio cases worldwide in 2015.

40,000 tons: The quantity of aspirin consumed globally each year.

Medicine tells the fascinating story of the discipline, from ancient times to the present day, charting developments in healing, diagnosis, surgery, and drugs in a vividly visual and accessible format. Clear diagrams explain major diseases, such as cancer, and enhance understanding of human anatomy, surgical instruments, and the progression of treatment over the centuries, setting the great milestones of medical history in their wider social context. A complementary illustrated reference section profiles all the main body systems and organs and explains their relevance in terms of the advancement of medicine.

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Medicine Medicine

Medicine tells the fascinating story of the discipline, from ancient times to the present day, charting Read more

Medicine tells the fascinating Read more

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