Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

How often do you make resolutions in January only to abandon them before spring even starts? Here are some DK books that will help you stick to your New Year’s resolution, no matter what it may be!

1. Exercise more.

Join the latest fitness trend that actually works! Lose weight and get healthy quickly with very short bursts of targeted exercise.

Created specifically for men, the workouts in this book can be done anywhere, anytime—all you need is gravity and body weight!

2. Eat healthier.

Keep your blood sugar steady and your energy levels high with these nutrition bites that increase vitality and wellness.

Get more than 200 healthy recipes for satisfying meals without meat and dairy.

3. Get a new job.

Whether you’re a recent grad, a parent trying to help their teen find a passion, or someone who wants a new start—get the lowdown on more than 400 career paths.

4. Find love.

Get an easy-to-navigate, step-by-step guide to modern love that’s grounded in scientific study, psychological expertise, and practical insights about romance in the social media age.

5. Pick up a new hobby.

Help build your photography skills step-by-step, with an independent photography course that guides you through every aspect of digital photography.

Learn to knit using just one ball of yarn and create fun accessories that will keep you warm during the winter.

6. Travel more.

The world is your oyster! 2016 is the year to book that trip you’ve been dreaming of, immerse yourself in a different culture, and explore foreign cities.

7. Be happier.

A practical step-by-step guide to help focus the mind, improve performance, and be happy.

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