DK Superfan of the Month: Jessica Reid

DK Superfan of the Month: Jessica Reid

Meet August's DK Superfan of the Month, Jessica Reid from Kannapolis, North Carolina.

Tell us why you should be “DK Superfan of the Month”?

Not only am I a super geek, I am also a elementary school librarian. When I first started at my school, a student, noticing my lanyard, informed me that girls do not like superheroes. It has been my privilege to show my students that anyone can be a geek. I also teach them to that its ok to geek out over their passion.

What is your favorite book?

Dragonsinger by Anne McCaffrey

Who is your favorite character in the pop culture universe and why?

Wolverine was my first crush. I love his gruff attitude and the fact that he does not really care what other people think. He does his own thing. Even though he doesn't want to be a part of society, he is still willing to save the world a time or two.

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