Partner Workouts
Partner Workouts

Partner Exercises: Workout Routine Ideas to Get Fit and Have Fun

Partner Exercises: Workout Routine Ideas to Get Fit and Have Fun

Made a resolution to get in top shape for the New Year? Stick to your fitness goals with a pal by your side, and try out a partner workout routine!

Partner workouts give you a chance to enhance and strengthen your exercise routines. They’re more fun than exercising solo, and they offer a level of accountability: you’re more likely to show up, get your sweat on, and see results when you’ve got a friend counting on you – and encouraging you.

Call your boyfriend, girlfriend or best friend and download the example exercises below for a fun, easy way to get into exercising in pairs.

1. Squat & Resistance Band Sprint (Resistance Exercise)

Squat & Resistance Band Sprint (Resistance Exercise) instructional book spread

2. Back-To-Back Squats (Assisted Pairings Exercise)

Back-To-Back Squats (Assisted Pairings Exercise) instructional book spread

3. Double Dancer Pose (Stability Exercise)

Double Dancer Pose (Stability Exercise) instructional book spread


If you struggle to stay motivated when working out, let Partner Workouts guide you back into the game. Discover the benefits of working out with a partner, avoid slacking, and maximise your workout session with over 70 partner exercises. Partner Workouts shows you how to test yourself with stability exercises and resistance training for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of confidence, all using fun and effective partner training.

Buy the book

Buy the book

Partner Workouts Partner Workouts

The first full-color fitness book that teaches you how to actively engage a partner in your workout routine, Read more

The first full-color fitness Read more


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