LEGO Star Wars™ Small Scenes at a Glance

LEGO Star Wars™ Small Scenes at a Glance

Photographer Vesa Lethimäki fell in love with Star Wars™ as a child in his native Finland and years later began photographing his son’s LEGO® Star Wars™ minifigures as a hobby. Compiled for the first time in a book, LEGO® Star Wars™ Small Scenes From a Big Galaxy features exclusive new breathtaking photography from Vesa that brings to life the wonder and enchantment of the LEGO Star Wars galaxy.

Preview some of Vesa's incredible photography, along with the thoughts behind each shot, as found in LEGO® Star Wars™ Small Scenes From a Big Galaxy.

The Burnout - In The Empire Strikes Back, Han Solo says "Let's hope we don't have a burnout" to Chewie as they are about to take off from Hoth in the Millennium Falcon. The idea here was to show a burnout, with plenty of smoke.

The Steps of a Walker - I imagine that the walkers' heavy feet pounding the ground would send tremors kilometers ahead. During the assault on Hoth, many of the snowtroopers were so confused by the noise and vibrations they were nearly stepped on.

A Pilot's Dream - For this shot, I imagine that a pilot who had never seen snow before took his TIE fighter down, climbed out, and touched snow for the first time; He even built a snow lantern. 

Rancor's Sandpit - The idea behind this shot was that the attacks of the wild rancors of Tatooine were mostly for show. Just don't move and you're safe! 

The Ewok Jam - For this image, I imagined that the Ewoks were a musical lot, always playing and having a good time. Figrin D' an of the Modal Nodes was happy to go to Endor and jam with the Ewoks. The Teddy bear (from the LEGO Minifigures series) is supposed to be a baby Ewok!


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