LEGO Building Tips
LEGO Building Tips

LEGO® Building Tips

LEGO® Building Tips

Do your kids love LEGO® bricks? Do you like building together? Do you need some inspiration? Here are a few tricks and tips to help you and your kids get the most out of your favorite toy, LEGO bricks. 

Remember, you can build anything you and your kids can think of in the LEGO world!

Get inspired

If you don’t know what to build, start looking for inspiration all around you. You can do a little research using your favorite books or look at other peoples builds to get inspired. Remember, whether you’re building a palm tree from your favorite holiday or the eggs you had for breakfast, every model starts with just one piece. 

Against the clock

It doesn’t matter how much time you have to build. Whether you’ve got a whole day to create a detailed scene or 10 minutes before school, the important thing is to start. Set your kids (and yourself) a challenge to make your favorite animal in just 10 minutes.

Getting started

If you want to build a large-scale model it can be helpful to do a rough sketch of your creation but sometimes, inspiration comes after just a few bricks.

The missing piece

If you’re missing that final piece, don’t worry, this is a great opportunity to try different build techniques and get creative. You could try building the piece yourself using brick of similar color and shape, or use a substitute that has the same overall effective.


If your LEGO build isn’t turning out the way you wanted or you’re feeling frustrated don’t worry. You can take it apart and start again or change what you want to build. If your dragon  is looking timid rather than terrifying it might make a spectacular spaceship.

If in doubt, just start building, your creation doesn’t have to be perfect. Even the most experienced LEGO fan builders have to build things several ways before they’re happy.

Good luck!

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