LEGO BATMAN™ and the Unbeatable Team: Our Top 5 Villain-Fighting Friends

LEGO BATMAN™ and the Unbeatable Team: Our Top 5 Villain-Fighting Friends

When it comes to talented friends, it’s hard to compete with the Caped Crusader’s crew. When they’re not busy battling villains on their own, they’re helping Batman defend Gotham City.

Here are our Top 5 members of LEGO Batman’s squad, from the LEGO® DC Comics Super Heroes Character Encyclopedia. We’d be lying if we said we weren’t a bit jealous of this impressive group! (When do we get our invite?)

1. Robin™

Robin is Batman’s faithful sidekick, an indispensable friend with razor-sharp detective skills. With crime-fighting talents like his, it’s no wonder the Boy Wonder is Batman’s right-hand man.

Robin LEGO character book spread

2. Nightwing™

A skilled martial artist, Nightwing is a great friend to have by your side (he once helped Batman foil an escape from Arkham Asylum.

Nightwing LEGO character book spread

3. Catwoman™

Catwoman is a friend as well as a foe of Batman’s – but there’s never a dull moment when the two of them are around! She keeps him sharp and on his toes, often making acrobatic escapes following her expert cat burglaring.

Catwoman LEGO character book spread

4. Alfred

While Alfred isn’t always a fan of Batman’s reckless behaviour, he’s always there to support and offer wisdom. Word is that he keeps a good secret, too – he’s one of the few people to know Batman’s true identity!

Alfred LEGO character book spread

5. Aquaman™

While Batman defends the city and the sky, Aquaman has got the ocean covered. It’s not vital to have friends who can communicate with fish, but it certainly doesn’t hurt...

Aquaman LEGO character book spread

So how do all these friends get around when they’re in town? We like to think it’s The Batcopter! Not a bad ride at all.

Batcopter LEGO character book spread

Want to learn more about Batman’s friends and enemies? The LEGO® DC Comics Super Heroes Character Encyclopedia is a comprehensive visual guide to the full range of LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes minifigures. Learn about their gadgets, vehicles and special weapons, and receive an exclusive minifigure alongside this must-have guide.

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Buy the book

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