8 Everyday Objects That Look Even More Awesome When Made Out of LEGO® Bricks

8 Everyday Objects That Look Even More Awesome When Made Out of LEGO® Bricks

You can’t argue with the fact that everything looks more awesome when made with LEGO® bricks. LEGO Awesome Ideas has an entire chapter dedicated to The Real World, from a toothbrush to an apple and a colourful box of crayons…you can make anything with LEGO bricks, The Real World is your oyster!

1. This banana will definitely not get bruised. Top tip…build the core out of tan or white bricks and then remove some of the yellow outer pieces to “peel” it.


LEGO® Banana from LEGO Awesome Ideas

2. This box has a hinged lid that flips back to store the crayons inside. It takes practice to build one object that fits inside another (crayons inside the box), but in the end the result is worth it. 

LEGO® Crayon box from LEGO Awesome Ideas

3. Mmmm! This birthday cake is made all the more lifelike by addition of jam-like layers, made with transparent coloured round and square plates. 

LEGO® Birthday cake from LEGO Awesome Ideas

4. After all that cake you may need one of these…you can make a simple toothbrush out of regular LEGO bricks but this one is a bit more stylish; use 2x2 round elements for the handle and slip-and-bar hinges for an angled neck. 

LEGO® Toothbrush from LEGO Awesome Ideas

5. The use of curved LEGO bricks really brings this LEGO highlighter to life. 

LEGO® Highlighter from LEGO Awesome Ideas

6. This apple looks cool and is simple to build – start with a circle at the base and build up, stepping your bricks outwards in the centre and then back in again near the top. Don’t forget to add the leaf and steam for the final touch. 

LEGO® Apple from LEGO Awesome Ideas

7. You can use 1x1 round and cylindrical LEGO pieces to build pencils of all kinds – classic yellow pencils, coloured art pencils, even see-through mechanical pencils. 

LEGO® Pencils from LEGO Awesome Ideas

8. Keep summer alive all year round with these frozen treats. Experiment with your build by adding transparent pieces to emulate chunks of ice or merging colours to create a melted effect.

LEGO® frozen treats from LEGO Awesome Ideas


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