Hooked On... Dinosaurs

Hooked On... Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs walked the earth over 65 million years ago, but the love kids have for them isn’t going extinct any time soon. Take young readers into the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous eras, and discover the lost world of the dinosaurs.

Did you know? Dinosaur

  1. The teeth of the Tyrannosaurus Rex evolved to be able to bite through nearly anything, including the heavy armor of the Euoplocephalus and even bone.
  2. Titanoboa, a giant snake that lived in South America during the Cretaceous Period, could grow to be 49 feet long.
  3. Velociraptors are believed to have run up to 24 miles per hour.
  4. A stegosaurus was the size of an elephant but its brain was no bigger than a dog’s.
  5. Over 800 different fossils of dinosaur species have been discovered. This is considered to be only a fraction of the actual number of dinosaurs that once lived!

DK titles for your budding paleontologist

The Big Book of Dinosaurs
DK Adventures: Dinosaur Hunters
Pocket Genius: Dinosaurs
Ultimate Factivity Collection: Dinosaurs
Touch and Feel Dinosaur

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Dinosaurs: Diplodocus 

Dinosaurs: Tyrannosaurus

Dinosaurs: Stegosaurus vs Allosaurus

Dinosaurs: Triceratops

Buy the book

Buy the book

Dinosaur! Dinosaur!

Created in conjunction with the Smithsonian Institution and packed with fun facts on fossils, amphibians, Read more

Created in conjunction with Read more


Buy the book

Buy the book

The Big Book of Dinosaurs The Big Book of Dinosaurs

Full of detailed artwork and photographs of lifelike models, The Big Book of Dinosaurs is an enticing Read more

Full of detailed artwork and Read more


Buy the book

Buy the book

DK Adventures: Dinosaur Hunters DK Adventures: Dinosaur

What child wouldn't be fascinated with a book about dinosaurs AND the Wild West? Your child will learn about Read more

What child wouldn't be Read more


Buy the book

Buy the book

Ultimate Factivity Collection: Dinosaurs Ultimate Factivity

Tackle activities on the terrible T. Rex, the stout stegosaurus, the giant brachiosaurus, and other Read more

Tackle activities on the Read more


Buy the book

Buy the book

Touch and Feel: Dinosaur Touch and Feel: Dinosaur

Touch the bumpy scales, smooth horns, and sticky tongues of dinosaurs in this classic DK board book filled Read more

Touch the bumpy scales, smooth Read more

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