Hooked On... Cats

Hooked On... Cats

Millions of years ago, many catlike animals roamed the Earth, some more massive and fierce than any alive today! These evolved into the species of large and small cats living now – from tigers and leopards, to pumas and jaguars, and the house cats that join us on the sofa at home.

Ever wanted to learn more about cats? Check out some claw-some cat facts below…

Did you know?

  • The cat’s nose pad has a unique pattern, just like a human fingerprint.
  • Sir Isaac Newton, who discovered the laws of gravity, also invented the cat flap.
  • Most cats hate water, although they can all swim. The Turkish swimming cat, however, loves to paddle in shallow pools and streams. It has no thick underfur, so it dries off quickly.
  • Tigers are the biggest cats of all. A large Siberian tiger can weigh over 441lb!
  • When an Abyssian cat meows, it sounds like a bird singing.
  • A cat’s eyes glow in the dark because a special layer at the back reflects light like a mirror.
  • Cats seem to be able to squeeze through even the tightest of spaces. They use their highly sensitive whiskers and outer hairs to judge distances. So if there is room for the fur, there is room for the cat’s body.
  • The rarely seen sand cat lives in the Sahara and the deserts of western Asia. During the heat of the day, it sleeps in a dune burrow or under scrub. At night, it comes out to hunt lizards and mice. It can survive without water, getting sufficient liquid from its prey
  • The smallest wild cat is the rusty-spotted cat of India. It usually weighs less than 3lb.


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