Hooked On... Cars

Hooked On... Cars

From the Bentley to the Blue Bird, the Cadillac to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, cars have fired up our imaginations alongside their engines. They can break records, star in films, and get us to and from work and school. Here are some interesting facts about our favorite cars.

Did you know?

1. While regarded as one of the most luxurious cars, models of Roll-Royce can only reach a top speed of 75-90mph.

2. Crash test dummies have more than 130 tiny sensors. When they’re used in crash simulations, they feed all sorts of data back to computers, which helps improve car safety.

3. Some sports cars can be super speedy. The Ferrari F40 can reach up to 202 mph, while the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport has a staggering top speed of 267.85 mph. That’s pretty fast!

4. The VW Beetle is one of the world’s favourite cars – more than 21 million have been made.

5. The tires of monster trucks can be up to 10 feet in diameter, and are never fully pumped, so they can squash everything in their path.

6. In 1913, a Ford Model T took just 93 minutes to build. Within a year, an impressive 1,000 cars were rolling off the production line – all assembled entirely by hand!

7. The Bugatti Veyron first appeared on the market in 2005 and is currently the world’s fastest production car. It has the largest rear tires ever produced for a road car and needs ten radiators to help cool it down.

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