Hooked On... Animals

Hooked On... Animals

Soaring, swimming, crawling and running, purple, orange, red and blue, hairy, scaly, furry and slimy – and that’s not all! There are so many types of animals, and so many things they can do. It's sometimes crazy to remember that we're animals too! Here are some things you may not have known about our fellow members of the animal kingdom.

Did you know?

1. Some people think that camels store water in their humps, but in fact they store food. A camel’s hump is made of extra fat, which is slowly used up if the camel doesn’t get enough to eat. As the fat is used up, the hump gets smaller.

2. A blue whale’s massive heart is the same size as a small car.

3. 99% of all species that have ever lived on Earth are now extinct! Over the last 700 million years, the animal kingdom has constantly changed, with new species taking the place of older ones.

4. Galapagos giant tortoises can live for more than 100 years!

5. The archerfish uses water as a weapon. It pokes its lips above the surface and fires a jet of water out of its mouth with a quick squeeze of its gill covers. The jet can travel up to 10ft into the air, knocking its prey from overhanging leaves into the water.

6. Tigers don’t usually attack humans, but it can happen. To be safe, farmworkers in tiger-inhabited regions of India sometimes wear face masks on the back of their heads to confuse the cats.

Ready for some more wild facts? Check out these videos below:




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