Make Your Own Paper Craft Star Gift Tag

Make Your Own Paper Craft Star Gift Tag

These little star gift tags from Paper Craft are a great way to make your gifts sparkle this Christmas. They're simple but effective and they're so quick and easy to make that you can prepare a whole batch in one go.

Watch this quick video to find out how to make them or follow the instructions below.

You will need:
Tracing paper
Paper or card

Step 1

Trace the templates and lay them face down on the paper or card. Rub with a pencil to transfer the image. 

Step 2

Carefully cut around the outside of the star design. Use a ruler to ensure you have straight edges.

Step 3

Score along the dotted lines, again using a ruler to make sure that your lines are neat. 

Step 4

Bend along the fold lines to pop out the star and create a 3D effect. 

Paper Craft is full of creative craft ideas that are guaranteed to impress showing you in no time how to transform plain old paper into beautiful decorations, handmade cards, invitations, bunting, lanterns, scrapbooks and more.

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Buy the book

Paper Craft Paper Craft

Paper Craft makes it easy - and affordable - to design handmade crafts that are guaranteed to impress. Read more

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