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Design a space that grows with your child. 

Building an updated bedroom every couple of years to meet the new needs and desires of your child can be an expensive challenge. Like their favorite pair of sneakers or lucky T-shirt, kids are likely to grow out of bedroom décor more quickly than any parent can keep up with. Believe it or not, though, it is possible to create a room that grows with your child. Follow these tips from DK’s Handmade Interiors and you will be able to design a bedroom that can transform with your child, from toddler to tween to teen, with minimal redecorating and expense.

Find versatile furniture. Don’t buy furniture for toddlers—look for teen furniture you can adapt when your child is young to save yourself money in the future. For example, open shelving allows easy access for toddlers and, a few years down the line, will provide ample storage for notebooks or DVDs.

Find furniture that grows. Look for furniture that grows with your child. A toddler bed that can turn into a single bed, for instance, or a closet that has shelves (for baby clothes) and hanging space (for when their clothes are big enough for hangers).

Make a slipcover. Want to change the room’s look every few years without buying a brand-new bed? A headboard slipcover is a great way to change its look completely, turning it from cute to grown-up quickly and cheaply.

Update the look with bedding. If you keep the backdrop (walls and floor) neutral, you can easily update the look of the room with new bedding.

Look for hidden storage. Small children’s and teenagers’ bedrooms need more than just open storage—there are things you’ll want to hide away (such as past schoolwork or clothes that don’t fit yet). Look for storage space that’s underused. Beneath the bed is the most obvious place. A bed with built-in storage will be invaluable as your child grows.

Don’t forget seating for friends. Teenagers will want to use their bedroom to entertain friends. If space allows, provide bean bags or poufs covered in washable fabrics. If space is tight, extra pillows and even a fitted loose cover can turn a single bed into a trendy daybed.

Invest in durable floors. Modern, man-made carpets are often bleach cleanable, so they are the perfect choice for children’s rooms. Rubber flooring is also a good choice and will allow you to be really creative with your color choices. Or, throw a colorful but inexpensive rug over painted or varnished wooden floorboards for a look that can be updated regularly and affordably.

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