Why We Love Mary Berry

Why We Love Mary Berry

If you aren’t already, you will become obsessed with Mary Berry, Great Britain's “Baking Queen.” She has made her way into the homes of Americans through PBS’s "The Great British Baking Show" (your foodie friend is probably currently binge watching this on Netflix).

Now Mary Berry returns to the US to serve as judge on ABC’s new four-part prime-time series, "The Great Holiday Baking Show" and we cannot get enough!

Here are some of the reasons we love Mary Berry and why you should, too!

1. She’s the British grandmother you always wanted (just think of the holiday dessert spread you’d have!)

 2. Her smile makes you feel warmer than a cake straight out of the oven.


3. She always encourages you to be the greatest baker you can be.

4. Her Heavenly Chocolate Cake

 5. Her Devon Scones

 6. Her Treacle Tart (shall we go on?....)

 7. She has over 80 books to her name and over 6 million sales worldwide.

Photo: Getty Images

 8. Her winks make you feel like you're besties. 


9. Her outfits are always on point.

Photo: Mark Bourdillon/BBC/Love Productions

 10. Because she’s just...awesome. 


Photo via Buzzfeed

Buy the book

Buy the book

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A sweet and savory collection of more than 100 foolproof recipes from the reigning "Queen of Baking" Mary Read more

A sweet and savory collection Read more

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