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3 Fall Cocktails to Cozy Up With This Month

3 Fall Cocktails to Cozy Up With This Month

As the colder months approach, there’s nothing like a warm fall cocktail to end a long day. Check out the impressive step-by-step recipes from Cocktails below, and let mixology genius Klaus St. Rainer walk you through some of the season’s cosiest drinks.

Gintelligence No. 1

“The template for this hot drink is the classic Tom Collins, which is often confused with the Fizz. In composition the two are almost identical; however, the Fizz is served in a prechilled glass without ice and mixed with a shot of soda, while the Collins is served in a long drink glass and diluted with lots of soda. Gintelligence No. 1 got its name because I discovered quite accidentally how fantastic this renowned concoction tasted warm: a crafty drink to warm you up on cold days in fall and winter. It has an even fuller, stronger flavor if you use Dutch-style gin (Jenever) instead.”

Gintelligence No. 1 served in bowl, with juniper berries resting on top


2fl oz (60ml) Tanqueray No. Ten or Dutch-style gin
1fl oz (30ml) fresh lemon juice
¾fl oz (20ml) triple syrup
5 juniper berries
3½ oz (100ml) hot water

Tea cup or miso soup bowl


Heat all the ingredients except for the water in a saucepan or silver pot on the stove and fill with hot water. Place the juniper berries in the teacup and serve the drink in the cup or soup bowl.

Samurai Spirit

“Sake and cranberries are a fantastic combination, particularly if enjoyed warm. However, you need to pay attention to the following: never heat good-quality sake for drinking neat higher than 104-122°F (40-50°C). Only poorer qualities are heated higher because this helps to mask deficiencies in taste and quality. The same applies to mixed drinks with sake, although you can go a little higher with the temperature here.”

Samurai Spirit drink served in decorative cups


¾fl oz (20ml) honey
5 thin slices fresh unpeeled ginger
3½ oz (100ml) Junmai Ginjo sake
2 dashes lemon bitters
1 ¾ fl oz (50ml) cranberry juice
2 cardamom pods

Small saucepan or silver pot
Small cup


Place the honey and ginger in the pan or pot and press them with a muddler to mingle the flavors. Add the sake, lemon bitters, and cranberry juice and heat gently on the stove, or with the steam nozzle of an espresso machine, to 122-140°F (50-60°C). The best way to control the temperature is with a roasting thermometer. Press down on the cardamom pods, place them in the cup, and strain the drink into the cup.


“Some drinks don’t just taste great, but also work simultaneously as a medicinal home remedy. Ginger, honey, vitamins, and the tried-and-true herbal concoction Chartreuse all help you get back on your feet when you’ve got a cold."

Bishop drink served in tea cup


5 thin slices unpeeled fresh ginger
1 barspoon honey
2¾ fl oz (80ml) hot water
¾-1¼ fl oz (20-40ml) green Chartreuse V.E.P.

Small cup


Press the honey and ginger together in the cup so that the flavors and juice of the ginger combine with the sweetness of the honey. Fill with hot, but not boiling, water. Add green Chartreuse V.E.P. according to taste and drink hot.


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Learn the art of mixing perfect drinks with Cocktails, the third "Best Cocktail Book in the World." Klaus Read more

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