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Super Shark Activity Kit

Super Shark Activity Kit

Super Shark Activity Kit

Download DK’s free Super Shark activity kit for activities kids can sink their teeth into!

Boost your shark knowledge with these amazing facts about the ocean’s biggest predators!

Swimming shark

  1. Dorsal fins help stop sharks from rolling over.

  2. A great white shark can detect a drop of blood up to three miles away.

  3. Hammerhead sharks are less buoyant than other sharks, but the hammer shape helps provide lift, just like an aircraft wing, in the water.

  4. A group of sharks is called a shiver.

  5. Tiger sharks have a protective membrane that automatically blinks down over their eyes to protect them from flailing prey that could cause any damage.

  6. Whale sharks are the largest sharks as well as the largest fish.

  7. Bull sharks can survive in both salt water and fresh water.

  8. As zebra sharks grow older, their stripes are replaced with leopardlike spots.

  9. Pregnant lemon sharks return to the same lagoon to give birth every two years.

  10. Sharks have oily livers that give them buoyancy in water.

The DK Super Shark Activity Kit is perfect for any budding marine biologist and shark fan. Get your free downloadable activity kit today.

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Super Shark Activity Kit

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Buy the book

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