How to Host Your Own Scratch Day

How to Host Your Own Scratch Day

Scratch Day a global network of events that celebrate Scratch—and the young people who code and create with it. This month learn more about coding with these fun activities and share projects with one another.

Here are some great ideas on how to set up a Scratch Day event in your community.

1. Code around the room

A coding activity you can do without a computer

Coding is built on a series of basic commands, including start, stop, and repeat. These commands become the instructions for the the code to follow. Before kids start coding online, have them practice creating real-life coding scripts as a group.

Have kids walk around the room and write down every start, stop, and turn they make. They can record how fast they went, which direction they moved, and where they turned. Everything they do is a prompt that will become a line of code.

After they have documented every move, kids can turn it all into a set of instructions.

Enter door
Turn right
Walk straight ahead (slow)
Stop at desk
Walk straight ahead (fast)
Stop at chalkboard

Thinkersmith's My Robotic Friend is another great game that teaches the fundamentals of coding without a computer. Coders write scripts to help their "robot" teammates create the correct configuration out of cups. 

After kids understand the basics of commands and scripts, they can do some hands-on coding practice with Scratch

2. Try these snack ideas for the “Server” Area

Ruby Rails – Red licorice twists
Raspberry Pi- Mini raspberry pies
Pixel Bytes – Party Mix such as Chex Mix
Bugs – Gummy worms
JavaScript – Coffee (for adults)

3. Test out this recipe for mini raspberry pies (makes approximately 12 mini pies)

Pre-made pie dough
Berry pie filling (8 oz can)

Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees Use a large cookie cutter (or the pie can) to cut 24 circles for the tops and bottoms of the pies Place 12 circles in a muffin baking pan Spoon filling into each one Cover each pie with a top Bake in oven for 20-25 minutes or until the tops are slightly golden brown Let pies cool and then enjoy

4. Build your computer coding library with DK

Be sure to build your own coding library with all our DK books. Plus, you can download a free coding kit to add to the fun.

“An absolutely wonderful introduction to programming games.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Clear instructions and plenty of images that make coding just about foolproof.” —Booklist

"This 40-page full-color workbook is perfect." — on Coding with Scratch: Games)

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