Learning icons including violin, globe and stack of books
Learning icons including violin, globe and stack of books

Top 10 DK Books for Kids

Top 10 DK Books for Kids

The world is full of brilliant books – sometimes it's hard to know where to begin! To make book and gift buying fun and easy, we asked DK Children’s Publishing Director Sophie Mitchell to round up her picks of the top 10 DK books for kids. From first words to first adventures, and young wordsmiths to budding scientists, there’s a place in these pages for kids of all ages.

Enjoy the full list below!

Books for pre-school

The ideal first book to introduce baby animals to toddlers, My First Baby Animals is packed with colorful images to help build the foundation of early learning. With bright pictures of baby animals alongside clear word-labels, My First Baby Animals keeps early learning simple and fun for your little one.

With lots to talk, learn and smile about on every page, 100 First Words is a picture book for babies and toddlers that builds vocabulary, and is perfect for sharing. It covers all the familiar things little ones are interested in, from food to animals, things that go, and bedtime. Crystal-clear photos show the wonder of the real world, while engaging illustrations tell simple stories that foster learning!

Really Feely Farm is a touch-and-feel baby animals book for preschoolers packed with fluffy patches, bumpy patterns, and tactile glitter, which little ones will find really fun and really feely! Gentle text builds knowledge, and invites you to pat and tickle, as you find out each farm animal's name and learn about its features.

Books for ages 5-9

My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things is full of fun facts, colorful illustrations, and games to feed a child's imagination. Providing all the information young minds need and much more, My Encyclopedia of Very Important Things is split into four sections, All About Me, Animals, People, and My Planet, covering everything from the continents to the blue whale in fun and engaging ways.

Kids are imaginative and love telling stories. Write Your Own Book guides your child through the excitement of writing their very own story. From setting the scene to describing an action, each section focuses on a different skill for your child to focus on, gradually building up to the very end where your child can write their own story.

Children Just Like Me is an amazing children's book showing everyday life through the eyes and words of children around the world. Offering a remarkable insight into the lives of children today all around the globe, it's packed with photography of children, their friends and family, home and school, vividly illustrating different cultures, from rural farms to busy cities to river boats.

Books for ages 9+

Out of the Box will broaden your child's imagination and develop craft skills through interactive play and creativity with clear step-by-step instructions showing how to build 25 astonishing cardboard models. Kids can build something brilliant with recycled card, from castles to animal masks, dens and even lizards! Out of the Box is a new approach to recycling that will provide hours of entertainment and endless fun.

A fantastic first book on forests, Woodland and Forest is the perfect companion for children eager to explore the woodlands of the world. From cold coniferous forests to dry deciduous woodland, and tropical rainforests, children can discover everything about trees and who lives in them. With exciting activities, like bark rubbing, and plenty of fun facts, Woodland and Forest is a must for children curious about forests and woodlands.

For any kid that can't get enough of Stone Age facts, DKfindout! Stone Age is packed with up-to-date information, fun quizzes and incredible images of every aspect of Stone Age life. Discover what Stone Age people wore, sample some of their favourite foods and spot the Stone Age animal.

Packed with astonishing facts and astounding world records, DK Braille It Can't Be True is a fascinating book designed especially for visually impaired readers. In over 70 pages you will find the world's weirdest wonders and unbelievable facts described in both braille and large print, paired with tactile images that demonstrate just how unusual the objects and events being described really are. Through the use of detailed embossing, you can feel the world's largest hailstone (three times larger than a tennis ball!) and a bird so small it can sit on the end of your thumb.

From the wings of the almighty albatross to the deadly great white shark, Animal! transports you into the jaw-dropping, heart-thumping, pulse-racing world of the animal kingdom. Exploring everything from habitats and ecosystems to senses and respiration, Animal! is easy to follow and full of fun facts for kids. Bursting with amazing 3D images, the animals are brought to life, from the tiniest of crustaceans to the mightiest of mammals, in a brand new animal expedition.


To find more great titles for kids, have a browse through our Children's titles on science, animals, history, learning to read, and more.

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