Gift Guide for Kids (When They Are Not Yours)

Gift Guide for Kids (When They Are Not Yours)

Whether you’re a first-time grandparent or the “hip aunt” or “cool uncle” in the family—it can be a little daunting to find the age-appropriate gift that will make the kid you’re shopping for (and his or her parents) happiest this holiday . We’ve picked a few of our favorite books and broken it down by age group to make gift buying a breeze.

Nothing is more exciting than baby’s first Christmas. Find books designed especially to appeal to their unique development stages, which are almost as adorable as they are.


Ages 5–9 years
Holiday gatherings just wouldn’t be the same without their high energy and festive excitement. We have books for all the budding readers—from the princess, to the animal lover, to the LEGO builder.


Ages 9–12 years
Older kids will love these books that delve deeper into their growing passions. These titles will surely kick your holiday dinner conversation up a notch!


It’s amazing how fast they grow up! Get them a sophisticated book that they’ll be proud to have on their bookshelf and are still cool enough to give you cred.

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