Children Across the Globe, DK Needs You!

Children Across the Globe, DK Needs You!

If you're thinking that this book looks old and well-used, that's because it is. 2015 marks the twentieth anniversary of Children Just Like Me, a book that encapsulated the essence of DK, with its unique and personal approach accurately showcasing the lives of children around the world. We wanted to offer kids worldwide the chance to understand how their contemporaries live – what others wear, where they go to school, what their dreams for the future are.

Since the original publication of Children Just Like Me, the world has changed. The new generation of children play, dress, and dream differently. We think that this new generation of children deserve a fresh, new edition of Children Just Like Me.

Our photographers have been sent across the globe in preparation for the new edition – but we can’t go everywhere. This is where you come in; we want to include as many children as possible by featuring photographs and selfies of everyone our photographers can’t get to. Submit your child’s photo from anywhere in the world by emailing it to by 11:59pm EST on Friday, October 9, 2015. Once we have chosen the photos to be featured we will require parents/guardians to sign a form giving their consent for this image to be used in this new edition of Children Just Like Me.

The original children featured in the 1995 edition of this book are now adults but they still stay in contact with DK and are proud to have been part of this project. We hope to make a new generation of children from across the world equally as proud.

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