A First Look at the Updated DK Readers

A First Look at the Updated DK Readers

Since 1988, DK has sold 49 million Readers and published more than 200 titles in the series. 

In 2016 DK's early literacy program is being revamped for beginner readers.

                 old design                                                           NEW DESIGN!

Covering topics for today's kids – including dinosaurs, space exploration, and Star Wars™– DK announces 15 all-new additions to our long-standing DK Readers series. 

There are four levels of DK Readers aimed at different reading abilities, enabling parents and teachers to choose the books that are exactly right for each child. Each book has been officially leveled using the F&P Text Level Gradient Leveling System.

Level 1: Learning to read (around ages 4-6)

Level 2: Beginning to read (around ages 5-7)

Level 3: Beginning to read alone (around ages 7-9)

Level 4: Reading alone (around ages 8-12)


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