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10 Very Important Facts For Every Explorer To Know

10 Very Important Facts For Every Explorer To Know

The world is wide and exciting, and there are so many things to learn! Why not get started with these weird and wonderful facts? You never know what unusual things you'll discover…

1. Even though they lived so long ago, the ancient Egyptians did a lot of things that we do today – like wearing socks, and brushing their teeth! The Egyptians even invented a type of breath mint.

Egyptian Pharaoh's head beside toothpaste and socks illustrations

2. The coco de mer (or “sea coconut”) tree has seeds that are as big as basketballs!

 Illustration of green coco de mer seed

3. If the Earth were an apple, the Earth’s crust would only be as thick as the skin.

 Illustration of hand holding green apple

4. The dwarf lantern shark is the size of a banana!

 Dwarf lantern shark

5. Jane Goodall is a scientist who studied chimpanzees in the wild for 50 years. She discovered that they have personalities and emotions ­– just like us.

 Caricature of Jane Goodall with primates

6. Everybody needs oxygen to live. You get oxygen when you breathe, and your blood takes it around your body.

 Illustration of smiling and waving red blood drop

A drop of blood is mostly full of red blood cells (they’re what makes it red). But there are also white blood cells and platelets.

7. Food high in protein helps your body repair itself and helps you to grow. Eggs can make your muscles strong.

 Illustration of an egg lifting a heavy weight

8. The angler fish lives deep in the ocean in the dark “Midnight zone”. It has a spine on its head that it lights up to lure prey. Then it munches them with its terrifying teeth!

 Illustration of a pink angler fish with mouth open

9. Doctors and scientists have invented endoscope capsules – cameras so small that you can swallow them! This lets doctors understand how they can make you better from the inside out.

Illustration of an endoscope camera and green medic bag

10. Figuring things out, from how tall we are to how fast we can run, wouldn’t be possible without using measurements. Some things have a special measurement that’s only used for them. For example, the spicy heat of chili peppers is measured in a unit called scovilles.

Photograph of red chili peppers


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