DK knows that it can be difficult to find websites which are suitable for kids aged 7 - 11, which is why we developed DKfindout! is a free, safe and reliable website which supports your child’s education throughout interactive learning as well as being lots of fun – kids who use DKfindout! say it is “awesome” and “amazing”.

Safe education website for kids

One of the most important aspects of DKfindout! is that it is a safe place for kids to explore information. DKfindout! does not have any external links so you can be assured that your child will only see suitable content. Our encyclopedia also only contains child-friendly imagery and text written especially for children. DKfindout! is here to give you peace of mind that while your child is using our website – whether with you or on their own – they will be safe, happy and learning genuine facts.

Interactive and fun

DKfindout! aims to inform, enrich and entertain while supporting your child’s education. Therefore DKfindout! is completely interactive with sounds (like knights jousting), videos (the lifecycle of a frog) and quizzes (why not try the volcanoes or ancient egyptians quiz with your children – or even to test yourself?).

Supports schoolwork, homework and projects

DKfindout! is written especially for children – the information is easy to read and understand with supporting DK images. All the content adheres to the common core and is checked by experts. DKfindout! is, as one mum described it, “a visual gateway to the world”. The website can be used to support topics learnt in school, and for homework and project research as well as supporting general interest. If you child loves dinosaurs, animals, space, or any one of a number of subjects then this is a great place for them to find out more with you, or by themselves.

An extra helping hand

At DK, we know that not all children learn at the same rate so we have designed DKfindout! to be accessible to all levels of learners. You can remove the text if you want to look at the images by themselves - this is a great way to support children still working on their reading; while extra keen kids can find out more through links to more information. Those with visual disabilities can use the site with Screen Reader and those who are hard of hearing or deaf can read captions on video. DKfindout! will continue to be optimised to work with widely available accessibility programmes.

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