The Peanuts Book

Hardback cover of The Peanuts Book

Published by DK

By Simon Beecroft

RRP: $30.00

About The Peanuts Book

Discover the enduring and nostalgic charm of Peanuts in this stunning anniversary book.

Celebrate 70 years of Peanuts with this treasure trove of charming stories and images. Explore rarely seen ephemera, including artwork, sketches, posters, merchandise, and even Christmas decorations from Peanuts's official archives. Created in full collaboration with Peanuts worldwide, this luxurious guide is a visual celebration and a book to keep. Every page is an exhibition.
Delve deeper into the iconic comic strips and artwork of creator Charles M Schulz. Discover his enduring legacy, Peanuts's worldwide appeal, and behind-the-scenes techniques and quotes. Explore the history of this biographical, and constantly relevant, comic strip. Meet the characters and chart their changes through the decades. Travel to school, camp, and even to outer space with Apollo 10. This is the perfect gift for fans of Charlie Brown, Lucy and Linus, that little yellow bird Woodstock, and, of course, everyone's favorite beagle: Snoopy!